May 14: Gencon 2006 schedule
Gen Con 2006 Events
It's that time of year everyone...World Championship time!!!! Below is the Ophidian 2350 tourney schedule:

Thursday 1 PM - 5 PM - Sealed Deck - Receive 1 random starter and 2 random boosters to build a deck. Winner gets to design an Arsenal card for inclusion in a future fan set.
Friday 10 AM - 2 PM - World Championships - all printed and fan set cards are legal, except the Holiday set. Winner is immortalized as a custom-designed Gladiator in a future fan set.
Friday 4 PM - 8 PM - Mano-a-Mano - all printed and fan set cards are legal, except the Holiday set. No cards with the Keywords "Weapon" or "Minion" may be used. This is gladiator versus gladiator alone! Winner gets to design new Quick-Hit card for inclusion in a future fan set.

February 09: Ophidian Compedium is Online
Check out the latest & greatest site to get your Ophidian fill. Featuring an archive of much of the Ophidian Universe, creating by YOU, the fans. Head to the Ophidain Compendium
Remember to email Hugo any card submissions/stories!

February 05: New Fan Created Set
Damn we have a loyal fan base. We want to thank all of you for your contributions to the Ophidian world. Check out this most spectacular set, the Outworlds Revelation, featuring some fantastic additions to the Ophidian World. ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Outworlds Revelations PDF

July 4: Fireworks and Fiction
While you watch the fireworks, enjoy this all-new Ophidian Legends fiction and experience Walter "Boom-Boom" Drake's Last Great Match.

May 27: Wave of Fictions Set is Here
That's right arena fans; an all new Ophidian set has arrived! Wave of Fictions is an explosive 140 card expansion with new strategies, new gladiators, and a bunch of new tricks. Just click on the WOF link below to grab yourself a copy.

May 23: New Bios and a Whole Lot More
In preparation for the upcoming Wave of Fictions set, Hugo has released five new bios. Get your first peek at Zagda, S'karthka, Kinax, Mastermind, Dagor Akk'thun, and Senwin Oldos . Also, Kronax has been updated.
Stay tuned for more updates coming soon.

March 11: Ophidian Summer 2005 Schedule
Origins 2005 Events
6/30 at 2pm - Sealed Deck
7/1 at 11am - Constructed Deck
7/1 at 3pm - Sealed Deck
7/2 at 11am - Constructed Deck - Beat the Agent, beat the designated Agent and recieve a booster box on the spot.
7/2 at 3pm - Sealed Deck
7/3 at 10am - Triple Crown Event - 1 round of sealed, 1 round of booster draft, and 1 round of constructed.

All tournaments are $3.00 to play, except the Beat the Agent, which is $4.50.

Gen Con 2005 Events
8/18 at 2pm - Sealed Deck
8/18 at 6pm - Constructed Deck - Worlds Warm Up
8/19 at 10am - 2005 Worlds Championships

All tournaments are $3.00 to play, except Worlds, which should be $6.00.

All online sets, except the Holiday Set, will be legal for all Constructed tournaments, and the Gladiators from those sets will be legal for Booster Drafts.

If you would like to volunteer for the tourneys, email Ryan at

January 26: Ophidian Fiction Website brought to you by Hugo
Bookmark to get the latest Ophidian fiction. It is a constantly growing arena, so feel free to email Hugo, and maybe you can get YOUR Ophidian fiction published on the site. Enjoy!
The Ophidian Team

December 24: Hugo's Holiday Set
Happy Holidays, and don't forget to play with our holiday set created by Hugo, who runs the Ophidian fan-fiction, and fan-created set. Enjoy.

October 21: Ophidian's first Fan Created set is looking for Playtesters
You heard correctly. Hugo Ferreira has put together the first ever Fan-created set from all the cards that have been submitted to him. Now he needs some help testing them out. Please email him at if you are interested.

June 17: Summer Con Schedule
Gen Con, August 19 Thru 22, Indianapolis Convention Center, Inidianoplis, Indiana.
Thrusday Aug 19 2pm, Ophidian Sealed Deck Tournament
Thrusday Aug 19 6pm, Ophidian Constructed Tournament
Friday Aug 20 10am, The First Annual Ophidian World Championships
Saturday Aug 21 Noon, Ophidian Sealed Deck Tournament
Saturday Aug 21 4pm, Ophidian Constructed Tournament
Sunday Aug 22 11am, Ophidian Constructed Tournament

All Gen Con tournaments (except Worlds) have an entry fee of $3.00, including Sealed Decks. A lot of prizes for everyone who plays. World Championships will have an entry of $6.00.

Origins, June 24 thru 27, Greater Columbus Convention Center, Columbus, Ohio.
Thursday June 24 4pm, Ophidian Sealed Deck Tournament
Thursday June 24 8pm, Ophidian Sealed Deck Tournament
Friday June 25 Noon, Ophidian Constructed Tournament
Friday June 25 4pm, Ophidian Booster Draft Tournament
Saturday June 26 Noon, Ophidian Constructed Tournament
Saturday June 26 4pm, Ophidian Sealed Deck Tournament
Sunday June 27 11am, Ophidian Constructed Tournament

All Origins tournaments have an entry fee of $4.50, including Sealed Decks and Booster Draft. A lot of prizes for everyone who plays.

Please contact Ryan Patterson at to sign up as a volunteer.

The time has come to vote for Ophidian 2350 for best CCG of the year. You don't have to be a member of the academy to vote for Ophidian. Please head to for more information.
The Ophidian Team

May 12: Ophidian 2350 nominated by GAMA for Trading Card Game of the year!
We would like to thank all of the GAMA members who voted for us, sending us into the final round. We are very close to winning this prestigious award, but we will need ALL your help. Please speak with your store owners, distributors, or anyone you know in the industry and make sure they vote for Ophidian 2350. This is sure to increase the chances of bringing Ophidian back from the brink.
Much appreciated,
The Ophidian Team

March 4: ROC is Here (for download that is)
We will start to spoil the Rise of Champions cards starting today. The first batch we release has all the ROC Gladiators' 1st-level cards. Great for those managers trying to form the perfect team. All ROC cards spoiled in this fashion are legal in all forms of play, including tournaments.
Speaking of tournaments, check out the Battle section and join the Ophidian Tournaments. With this program you can find other players and events in your area. You can host events too!
Meanwhile, the Ophidian storyline unfolds and we are planning on adding fan fiction to the main site. So if you love to write, please feel free to send us your Ophidian stories.

February 4: Press Release
Based upon current market conditions, Fleer/Skybox International has decided not to move forward with the Rise of Champions booster release for Ophidian 2350.
"Based upon the sheer volume of licensed card games that have performed poorly in the marketplace, we believe that there is a place for an unlicensed game that provides superior game play like Ophidian 2350. The strong core support of our players and volunteers and the only 5 star gameplay rating for CCGs in SCRYE this year, however, was not enough to convince more retailers to carry and support the game," Lloyd Pawlak Senior Vice President Sales and Marketing of Fleer said. "Fleer and Ophidian Games are continuing to work together to identify new concepts, develop additional games, and bring them to market. We want to thank all of the players and volunteers that have made Ophidian 2350 such a great experience for us all."

January 16: Ophidian Grabs the Only 5 Star Gameplay Rating from Scrye in 2003
You read that correctly, out of the slew of new CCG's released in 2003, only one game was deemed worthy by Scrye Magazine to receive the coveted 5/5 gameplay... Ophidian.
In other news, check out Chapter 8 of the Saga involving our Freakshow, and keep sending out those crazy Ophidian wallpapers to your homies.

December 24: Happy Holidays
We would like to wish everyone happy holidays. We ask that everyone saves a little time to party! Don't forget to read Chapter 7 of the Freakshow Saga by Loren Coleman.

December 5: Flash Tutorial
We have just added a new tool for newbies learning Ophidian. Head to the Training Section, and become a master of the Flow.

November 21: New Release Date for Ophidian 2350 Rise of Champions
Based upon the feedback from our players and retailers regarding the importance of League and Tournament support we are announcing a new release date for Ophidian 2350 "Rise of Champions" of March 4th, 2004. We are redesigning our League and Tournament software to provide the players and retailers with the ULTIMATE experience with Ophidian 2350.

November 5: League Info
Check out the Battle Section to learn more about The Ophidian League System.
Currently Ophidian and Fleer are sending out a free League kit to stores that register online with

October 29: Promo and League Cards

League Card Ashley League Card and Alternative Art Thrasher Blade Origianl Thrasher Blade
Above: Oct. League Ashley | Nov. League Thrasher Blade | Orig. Thrasher Blade
Check out the League Cards for October and November. We've got Ashley, our first Cheerleader, as well as some sick Thrasher Blade alternative art (Compare it to its original version above). You will get one of these two cards just for participating in a League Event (Ashley in October and the new Thrasher Blade in November). If you win the event, you get a sweet foiled version.
Above: Alternative Mute in Scrye | Origianl Mute
Don't forget to pick-up this upcoming issue of Scrye to get the alternative art for the Mute card.

October 24: Let the Rise of Champions Begin!
As I'm sure all of you know by now, our first expansion, The Rise of Champions is coming out on December 3rd. We will release bios and cards as well as putting up some wallpapers illustrating the improved look of the set. Check our website daily for updates. Our first look at the expansion will be The Red Pariah's bio in the Gladiators area.
Stay tuned for more...

October 10: Freakshow Saga Continues
Freakshow's struggle continues in the fifth chapter by Loren Coleman. Read it here.

October 6: A Battle on Decktech
Ladies and Gentlemen! has made an announcement of battle between Star Wars TCG and Ophidian CCG. Decktech is calling on all players of both sides to help decide who will win. If you are interested in learning more please go to
From the Ophidian Overlords

September 23: NYC Local Tournament
The Ophidian design team will be present at Neutral Ground, this Saturday the 27th at 1PM, presiding over a Constructed Tourney.

September 11: Dave Chase, League Play & the Agent Program
Dave Chase: Fleer recently added Dave Chase to the team. Dave was the Volunteer Coordinator for WizKids LLC and was responsible for their very successful Volunteer (Envoy) program until January 2003. His new duties for Ophidian will include heading our Agent Program, League Play, Tournaments, and Conventions. Basically, if you have a question not related to the game play rules, he is your guy.
League Play: League Play will begin in October. Every registered store that contacts Ophidian and asks for a League Kit will be sent one for free. Players who enter and play in the League will receive a participation card. Prizes include alternative art and a new foil design. If your store still does not carry Ophidian, they have no more excuses with this Free League kit. If you want your store to run a league, have them contact Dave at We will send them a League Kit that will surely impress all of you.
Agent Program: Dave is putting the finishing touches on the Agent Program and everyone who has already registered will be getting an email from him within the next couple of days. You will receive all the information you need to become an Agent. Once you respond to his email, your Agent Kit will be sent right to your front door!

September 7: Ophidian Manifesto
Many of you are wondering who the heck Ophidian is! We wrote our Manifesto to let everyone know the principles that we are building our company on. With all of your support, we will continue our dedication to our players by creating more innovative games and worlds. Find it in the About Us section or click here.

September 3: Back from DragonCon & More

  •   Wow!!! There is no other way to put it. After seeing way too many old men wearing lingerie, we are back in Queens, NYC!!! This was a great showing for Ophidian. Almost everyone who took a demo, played in a Tourney, which is a great sign. Even better, having Magic pro Tour judges come over and look at the cards and even take some back to play. Looks like there are plenty of closet Ophidian players within the Magic ranks.
  •   Head to Ophidianrealms to vote on the Gregg's Crazy Card Contest in the vote section of the forums.
  •   The design team is going to be at Neutral Ground in NYC this Sunday giving demos at 1PM followed by a sealed deck tourney at 4PM. If you are in the area, stop by!

    August 28: Ophidian Heads Out to DragonCon
    Come to the Grand Hall east of the Hyatt Hotel to get some demos and enter tournaments.

    August 26: Ladies & Gentlebeings
    The Ophidian pre-season has just kicked off. Read the Ophidian Guide in the Spy-Link section and then see what's happening on Sept Bracius for the 16-Gladiator Discipline Tourney. Also, be sure to check out the casual rules to run your own event. Which Discipline will prove supreme?

    August 20: Ophidian Agents
    We will be contacting all Agents that have signed up within the next couple weeks. If you are interested and haven't signed up yet, email
    Expect things you have NEVER seen before in a CCG program.
    Coming early September 2003.

    August 19: First Ophidian Contest Winners
    Congratulations to forum members Diggstar, Christopher the Fehn, Replicant, & Kestrell for winning Carl's Crazy Contest. Check the contest page for other contests.

    August 15: Scrye Review
    Read a review of Ophidian in this month's issue of Scrye. We got a perfect 5 STAR gameplay.

    August 14: Released!
    We would like to thank everyone for their interest in the game. Last night we had our release at Neutral Ground. It went great! We had a nice tourney going. Pics will be up shortly. Don't forget to read Chapter 4 of the Freakshow Saga. And check out the Training Section, the rulebook is up.

    August 12: Release Party
    We will be having a release party at Neutral Ground in NYC (122 W. 26th St. between 6th & 7th Ave) on Wednesday at 5PM. Come and meet the entire Ophidian design team. Tons of free prizes!

    July 29: Back from GenCon
    We would like to thank everyone who took a demo and played in our tourneys over the convention. It was a pleasure to meet all of you. Thanks to Taa Ra, our booth babe, and all of our Ophidian Agents for their awesome effort, we won the GenCon best booth award.

    July 23: Ophidian Heads to GenCon
    Ophidian Agents everywhere are swarming to Indianapolis to wreak havoc and spread mayhem all over this year's convention. There will be tounaments and givaways every day including uncut sheets, starter decks, and boosters for Ophidian faithfuls, so be sure to stop by.

    July 22: Loren Coleman at GenCon
    Be sure to stop by the Ophidian Booth at 12:30 on Friday to get the most smokin' Freakshow collage poster signed by the author of the Freakshow Saga, Loren Coleman. Also, hot of the press... Chapter 3 is up.

    Training Simulation Ready
    Training Section is up including Training Videos, FAQ, Strategy articles, Card of the Day, and a Card Checklist. Enjoy.

    July 19: Sensory Net Uplink: Ophidian Training Videos
    Beginners and experts alike, check out the Gladiator Training and Combat Videos in our Training Section to learn how to play like a pro.

    July 18: Ophidian Invades Scrye Magazine
    Check out a preview of Ophidian and our latest ad from the August issue of Scrye Magazine in our PRESS section.

    July 4: Happy Independence Day!
    While we celebrate America's birthday, here are some updates including the second chapter in the Freakshow Saga by Loren Coleman. We also have new Spy-Link posts including Maya's second journal entry.

    June 30: Ophidian Gets 15 Cheer at Origins!
    We want to thank everyone for helping to make Ophidian the hit of Origins! We thank Marshall, Cole, Ryan, Rob, Greg, Brian, Liz, Emma and the rest of the Ophidian Agents for your hard work. Check out the pics.

    June 25: Origins Trade Show
    Don't forget to head to our booth and catch a demo and get some free prizes!

    June 24, 2003: Freakshow Saga
    Go to the Saga Section to read Chapter 1 of the Freakshow Saga written by Loren Coleman, author of many BattleTech books among others.


    Ophidian Storyline
    July 4
    "Boom-Boom" Drake's Last Great Match Leading his team to the fourth victory in five years, Walter Boom-Boom Drake was the "It" guy in the Ophidian League in 2330...
    Gladiator Bios
    May 23
    Kinax looked different than other demons, his red skin and four arms...
    February 20
    Results of the matches on Gasherdel, Garina
    Kronnax vs. the Demon Child, Poc Shot, in a match that shocked the demon fans.
    November 1
    Baltazar Kor's Fifth Journal Entry
    Baltazar's greets a strange individual in his story...
    September 7
    GenCon 2004

    Ophidian World Champion!
    Loren Coleman's
    June 29
    Freakshow Saga
    This is the final chapter of the saga. Check it out! PDF
    Ophidian League Play June 19
    Ophidian in the Garina System
    The krevlocs are on the loose and chaos ensues! Fight against them, or against those who are trying to stop them!
    Featured Card
    June 17
    Krevloc Charger
    This is another type of krevloc found in the arenas and elsewhere...
    Card Lists
    Mar. 26
    ROC Spoilers
    The entire set is now available in one document (both in color and in b/w).
    Gladiator Interview
    Mar. 11
    The Stallion
    Stallion speaks up about love and racing.
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