An Interview with The Stallion
Shannon Marel interviews The Stallion on Ramdeem Prime, Leonide System.

Shannon: Welcome ladies and gentlebeings, tonight with me is hometown hero, The Stallion. Welcome Stallion, are you ready?

The Stallion: Yes I am.

Shannon: Stallion, if I may call you that? (The Stallion nods with a smile.) Tell us, how did you come to be an Ophidian Gladiator?

The Stallion: Well you see, there's this girl... (The Stallion laughs at his clichéd introduction.) I guess that probably answers a lot of questions, huh?

Shannon: Oh, but no, some of our viewers love a good love story.

The Stallion: All right, I'll oblige. She is the most beautiful demoness I ever laid my eyes upon. Her raven black hair and chocolate brown skin are nothing but a hint of her beauty. I can spend hours with her watching the city lights at night from the hills on her home planet. Sometimes we would sneak out and fly by the Leonide-Raskelon border, laughing at the patrol scouts. Once, her father caught us coming back. Man he was burning.

Shannon: It is said that her father does not approve of your courtship.

The Stallion: Yes, the demon lord is very strict about who he lets see his daughter.

Shannon: Was that why you joined the Ophidian League?

The Stallion: Yes. I finally managed to convince her father to let me marry her, but his condition is that I attain a championship title. That is the only condition. If I quit or lose, it's the same as if I died.

Shannon: Well, the season is still in its beginning parts, the Ophidian circuit has just recently entered the Leonide System. You still have a couple of months to get on a good team. By the way, who would you like to compete with?

The Stallion: (Stallion thinks for a moment.) I think Ironsides would make an excellent partner. Maybe Lothar. Version 9 seems unstoppable, but Maximillion seems more... human I guess. Opac is vicious. Kami is a great guy, once you get to know him, very honorable. I've fought with Freakshow. I'm not sure about him.

Shannon: What about Pago?

The Stallion: Oh, Pago! I never met a more daring and fun-loving person before. I would cover him in combat any day.

Shannon: A while back, you and Pago were involved in a brawl here on Ramdeem Prime. What happened?

The Stallion: Yeah, that. It's all politics to me. The security force turned a simple bar fight into an intersystem threat/crisis, uh, whatever. The bottom line is it was a heated bar fight, some people tried to let out their aggression or something. I tried to break it up first, but then had to join in. The security should have just broke it up and let everyone go home.

Shannon: Other than gladiator combat and your love, what is your passion?

The Stallion: Racing my HoverSteed. It is built for speed and power. I've never lost a race with it.

Shannon: That's right, you were in the famous Sarati Route Space Race. You even made it to part 2, but were unfortunately taken out near the end.

The Stallion: Yes, the land racing part was simple. I could have done better in the space part because I usually travel to my love's home via spaceship if I am passing through her area. I'm pretty experienced in space flight.

Shannon: You fans here are supporting you in your career as an Ophidian gladiator. Do you have anything to say to them?

The Stallion: Fan support is good, but I need to prove to my love's father that I am strong and powerful. If the fans want to help me get to the top, then much love to them. I appreciate it. (Stallion rises.) Thanks for interviewing me, I'll see you around.

Shannon: Thank you Stallion, and good luck in your endeavors.

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