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Current Batch #1.104 (February 20 12:05 AM)

From: OGN <<Ophidian Gladiator League News Service>>
Subj: Results of the matches on Gasherdel, Garina
Even through the strong presence of the Seventh Vanguard the Garina Demon Wars Invitational crowds were pleased at most of these results.
Freakshow, Opac Sentir, Striking Dragon, and The Stallion defeat Arkzilipul, Goth Garal, Pestilence, and Kos’Bargithd.
And in the special One-on-One event shown here the returned Gladiator Kronnax defeated the Demon Child, Poc Shot, in a match that shocked the demon fans.
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Batch #1.103 (October 23 10:45 PM)

From: OGN <<Ophidian Gladiator League News Service>>
Subj: Garina Matches Were Still Held
Despite the Krevloc invasion in Garina, the Demon Wars Invitational still was held in the Cathedral-Prime arena on Gasherdel.
The surroundings of the arena were heavily guarded by the Seventh Vanguard, who have been watching the Krevloc infestation and keeping it in check. Inside the arena, everything went as planned.
Tonight, on the second night of the Invitational, there will be two matches. A special one-on-one singles match featuring a return from a four-year absence, Kronnax, who will be put against the Demon Child, Poc Shot. The other match will be a team match, which will put the Freakshow’s Team against the Dark Arkzilipul’s Team.
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