VP: 2
Name: Unknown
Type: Demon / Mutant
Gender: Male
Origin: Daemonhelm
Disciplines: Bio-tek / Bio-tek
Biography and Timeline

Kinax looked different than other demons, his red skin and four arms were unusual. His strange appearance invited ridicule by his peers, and the demons exiled him from their groups. His demon loyalty was thin.
A group of human scientists set up a lab within Daemonhelm. Their ultimate goal was to find a way to exterminate, or at least control, demons, considering them a great threat to the universe. Kinax fell in love with one of the scientists, Dr. Dahlia Vour. The two of them started a friendship, and when she asked him to join their cause to eradicate demon kind, Kinax did not hesitate.
Kinax was the test subject of a series of experiments. Most often, he would be exposed to a Bio-tek weapon and to gage his reaction to the substance. He spent a lot of time recovering from various illnesses. There were ailments he never recovered from. Various experiments left him in lingering pain, and with mutated deformities, including an enlarged head, dry and cracked skin, and horns jutting out from various places. He suffered through all of this for the sake of love.
While recovering from an artificially produced virus that nearly took his life, Dahlia was exceptionally nice to him. He misunderstood her intentions, and felt it was the right time to tell her his feelings. She did not return the affection, and admitted that she saw him only as a lab subject. Using the Bio-tek knowledge he had gained from years in the laboratory, he started a rampage, inducing toxins and diseases into the scientists of the lab, killing or mutating them. His rampage spread outside the lab, and he started a bio-assault on the demons from his past.
After a short but intense spree, he was captured by the Daemonhelm authorities. The Ophidians were contacted, and they took Kinax into custody. His introduction into the Ophidian Arena is more of a death sentence than a chance to redeem himself. He is dangerous, both in his hatred of humans and demons, and because he does not care if he's killed.

2345 Kinax falls in love with a human, Dr. Dahlia Vour. He becomes a subject for tests attempting to eradicate demon-kind. This leaves him ill and mutated. While in the lab, Kinax learns about Bio-tek weapons.
2350 After learning Dr. Dahlia Vour does not love him in return, Kinax starts killing and mutating humans and demons, using his Bio-tek knowledge. He is arrested and turned over to The Ophidians, where he is forced to fight as a death sentence.



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