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The Journals of Baltazar Kor: Entry 5
by Hugo Ferreira

… And then a bright light embraced my body. Then, even though I was almost unconscious, I felt a surge to return to my body.

I felt surrounded by the light. My wounds started to heal. Then, I felt a presence of someone, something or some being helping that process. That presence made my spirit relax and made me feel safe and protected.

As I felt my body regenerate, I tried to open my eyes. All I could see was a fuzzy figure shrouded in bright light. I was able to see that it was a female form, and a HOT one at that. I spotted something strange right behind her. The light didn’t allow me to see what it was mostly because it was brighter than the light of Solop Avagar in mid-day hour.

“Who you are? What are you doing?” I asked the being.

The answer I got was, “I’m Seheial, and I’m healing you.”

“Relax,” it said in a strange language, but I understood it perfectly. The she asked me where I wanted to go, and in a blink I was portalled to my house.

So this was the end of this quest, and this one made me think about many things.

Like what happened to Oberon? He was my best friend and I couldn’t do anything to prevent his death—that is if he did die. Well, with a fall like that he must be dead, but his body’s still missing. And what will I do about Lila? She seemed to betray me, but what were her motives? She loved me as I loved her, I guess, and now?

But the ONE that stuck in me is that I can’t win all the time, and this was a proven fact, as I didn’t get the Orb of Scrying. But in the end it wasn’t all bad, as I discovered a new race of beings … or rather, they discovered me. And I’m certain that we will hear more from this strange race in near times.

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