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Once a month we will post a contest/questionnaire. Questions will range from rules, storyline, general knowledge, forums, and wacky stuff on the game designers. No questions will be impossible to answer. You may IM us, email us, and we will be forced to give you the correct answer questions pertaining to the game designers.

Each questionnaire will have its own prize award. You must answer all questions correctly to be eligible to will the contest. At the end of each month, one eligible submission at random will receive an uncut sheet of cards. WOW!!!

Contest 5: Raffi's Announcer Contest | Entries | Results New!
Contest 4: Raffi's Picture Guess Contest | Results | Answers
Contest 3: Gregg’s Incredibly Wacky Contest for Those Who Enjoy Pure Madness
Contest 2: Gregg’s Crazy Contest | Results
Contest 1: Carl’s Crazy Contest | Results

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