Ophidian League in the Garina System
Garina System, Gasherdel - This system has been hit hard by the Krevlocs and other dangerous creatures who have been portaling in unusual amounts through the quarantined areas of Garina space. At the same time, the Ophidians, under the watchful eye of the Seventh Vanguard have been allowing more and more Krevloc species deemed “non-contagious” to be brought into the arenas. This move has drawn much trepidation and also interest in Gasherdel, luckily still out of reach of the Krevloc hordes... or so they thought.
A recent subspace anomaly has threatened the safety of all of Gasherdel as it has allowed Krevlocs to breach the containment of the quarantine. It’s now a race to stop the Krevloc breach and close the portal.

Arena rules (For Ophidian 2350 players)
Rules: Standard
Gladiators: Manager’s choice
Krevloc Invasion: For this month, players are allowed to put any number of Krevlocs into their decks and all players regardless of discipline may play them as if they were universal.
When any player is able to get 10 or more Krevlocs into play at any one time, the Krevloc invasion has overrun the field and they automatically win the game.
When any player has destroyed 10 or more Krevlocs, the crisis has been averted, and they automatically win the game.
Scoring: Standard

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