Ophidian CCG Cardlists
Here are all the list of cards including the base set Ophidian 2350 and its 1st expansion Rise of Champions.

Ophidian 2350 - Here is a list of all 240 cards in the Ophidian 2350 set (120 Common, 70 Uncommon, 50 Rare).
Starters - See each of the 4 Starters' checklists.
Ophidian 2350 Spoiler - Get the full spoiler.

Rise of Champions - Here is a list of all 140 cards in the first Ophidian 2350 expansion (70 Common, 40 Uncommon, 30 Rare).
Rise of Champions Spoilers - Get the spoilers on the ROC cards here.

Christmas 2004 Special - A special Christmas set.

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