Ironsides' Team vs. Prince of Gates' Team
Welcome again back to Yashrad in the hallowed Olden Sphere Arena where this system's most historic matches have been held. Tonight’s main event: Ironsides, Mannequin, Leetah Kalynda, and Taa Ra square off against Prince of Gates, Version 9, The Stranger, and PK. Limited Death rules are in effect.


The evening air became crisp and chilly here at the edge of the Bracius System as we prepared for tonight’s match up. The fans were all ready to see their favorites face off in the arena as chants and beats filled the air.

First, heavy explosions shook the arena as Ironsides and his team entered. Then, the lights went low and a portal opened up in the center of the arena as Prince of Gates and his team arrived through it. Both sides took their starting positions as Keepers finished a round of final inspection of the gladiators and the arena. A cold silence filled the arena as the fans held their breath in anticipation of the opening actions of the match.

The lights went on and the match started. Ironsides quickly equipped a pair of spiked fists. Meanwhile the Prince ordered PK to open up a portal. Taa Ra hit the Prince with a mind-raid as The Stranger returned the favor, nailing Ironsides with a mental bolt. Ironsides winced in pain but tried to keep focused. Mannequin made the first attack and the fans prepared to cheer. However, instead of hitting the Prince, Ironsides had ordered him to go after PK. The Prince was ready for this and protected his partner. The demon took a solid blow to his abdomen and the fans cheered the symbiote.

By this time, the portal PK was opening brought out a frightful creature from Skiverkilial, his home dimension. The creature had fangs and claws and let out a chilling bellow that caused most of the fans to scream in excited horror.

The creature moved forward and attacked Ironsides. It bit him with razor-sharp teeth and together they wrestled. Leetah stepped forward filling in the gap and took out an ancient weapon made of wood and chains. Version 9 passed the Prince and attacked Ironsides, keeping the 4VP gladiator busy and apart from his team. Leetah kept her cool and stood her ground as main protector, hoping the team’s leader would overcome the enemy. Xarz’ycus portalled in some defense in the form of an Iron Monster, then attacked the female construct Leetah. Kalynda exchanged blow for blow and the two of them were busy. Meanwhile, Taa Ra distracted Version 9, giving Ironsides a good advantage. Ironsides took out the horror portalled in earlier and headed straight for PK. The fans cheered as Ironsides knocked PK down. Then, the Iron Monster attacked Ironsides. As Taa Ra charged to jumpkick the Iron Monster, PK managed to save it, surprising the crowds and gaining favor for his team.

Ironsides regathered his team and gave brief orders. Leetah Kalynda brought out the popular Gandrel’s Ax with Ironsides’ help. The Stranger began to affect Taa Ra’s mind, cutting her off from her team. Leetah threw the ax at the mysterious spectral, saving Taa Ra from an early death. The Stranger disappeared into thin air and only his robe and the ax remained on the arena floor. Xarz’ycus growled in anger as he attacked Ironsides. The fans cheered the raging demon as Ironsides rolled with the hit and got back up to his feet. Version 9 shot a grappling hook at Taa Ra. Ironsides grabbed the wire, stopping Version 9 from pulling Taa Ra away. Meanwhile, PK was opening up another portal. Taa Ra, now spared twice, hit PK with a delusion which caused him to mess up which minion he was going to bring in. Out came a crazy Turvian which started to attack Mannequin with a flame thrower. At the same time, Ironsides pulled Version 9 using the machine’s own grappling hook against him.

Things got bloody between the two soldiers as they abused each other’s cybernetic bodies. Mannequin and Leetah portalled in a Krevloc minion which let out a scream that sounded like a mirror shattering. PK aided Xarz’ycus in getting to his feet and together they frantically opened up portals left and right. Within moments, a group of demonic minions and horrific fiends were snarling and howling.

Leetah rushed in to attack PK but with the Iron Monster covering him, she could not do it alone. Mannequin activated an energy collector, for his team needed more power in order to make some considerable progress. But all this was not noticed as the fans were paying more attention to the small death match that had started between Ironsides and Version 9. With each attack, the fans shouted their support for them. The Prince was not bothered by this for Version 9 was doing his job keeping Ironsides busy. He called out the charge and his minions attacked. Leetah and Mannequin took a lot of hits protecting attacks but all three of them were badly wounded. Mannequin was destroyed in the sweep. As the demons and horrors regathered by their Prince, Taa Ra stood up on top of a damaged canister and blasted them with a powerful wave of mental energy. Most of their brains exploded from her attack and even the fans cheered at such mass destruction.

The Prince was furious and rushed Taa Ra. The demon hit her with a massive uppercut that killed the spectral. The fans cheered as the match was coming to an end but it would be a close one.

Meanwhile, Ironsides had defeated Version 9 and made his way back to help his team.

Suddenly, Leetah performed some offensive martial arts and laid the Prince on his back. All the crowd was at its feet to see if last year’s championship leader would be killed in this match. As the Prince lay on the floor, PK tried to portal himself behind Leetah, but Leetah saw it coming and evaded his attack. The Prince raised himself to an elbow and mutated PK, causing the demon to grow a thorny tail. Ironsides attacked PK, which allowed Leetah a good chance to finish off the opposing team’s leader. She jumped on the Prince and stepped on his throat, killing him instantly. A few fans started to run on to the arena floor.

PK, using his last bit of energy finished off Ironsides. Exhausted, he and Leetah faced each other. No other minions remained, and the crowd was breaking record danger levels. Leetah took out a sunder maul, this would finish off the demon. However, PK already prepared his strategy and attacked Leetah. She ducked his fist, but forgot about the mutated tail he had grown. In one swift attack he nailed her right in the temple. She fell to the ground unconscious. PK looked around to see if there was anyone else, but it was just him. The fans started to chant his name as the match was over. He fell to his hands and knees as the keepers came in to revitalize the fallen gladiators.

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