VP: 3
Name: N/A
Type: Construct (Flesh and AI Symbiote)
Gender: N/A
Origin: Ophidian Labs
Disciplines: Cybernetics / Portal
Biography and Timeline

This strange competitor is controlled by an evolving artificial intelligence, which has combined the tissue of the dead to create a living symbiote. The body formed by the evolving communal intelligence housed in the billions of nano machines is an eerie simulation of life. This symbiote, nicknamed Mannequin, has an understandable ability to interface with other robots and has gained the ability to control portals as a side effect of the flesh incorporated into its form.
Created in a lab with ties to Ophidian, Mannequin was sold as property and now fights in the arena. Many groups are fighting to free Mannequin and other "artificial" sentients, however, until the laws are changed Mannequin has no hope but to survive and learn in the midst of combat.

2347 Mannequin enters the Ophidian League at the 2VP level.
2349 Mannequin's team places third in the Ophidian Championships and he is the last survivor of his team. Mannequin wins the all-star event on Ironsides’ team and is promoted to 3VP.



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