The Matches on Varrenhold
Three matches were held on Varrenhold's Liberty Center...


Prince of Gates got plenty of crowd heat when he entered the arena with his Bio-strong team of Goth Garal, H’Ronka, and new member Poc Shot. Usually, he is known for his diversity in team makeup, but this time he chose to go with a team where every member was a Bio-tek expert. Part of the audience’s anger was also in response to the fact that in making the team all-Bio, the Prince lost P.K., a known rival of Arkzilipul. The fans would be denied a great confrontation.

No one would be more upset at that loss than Arkzilipul himself. His teammates were Queen Alexandra and The Stranger. A three-gladiator team was rare to see these days. To start things off, Arkzilipul and the Prince got into a violent grapple causing the fans to stand on their feet. Goth Garal took charge and defended Poc Shot and H’Ronka as they created and mutated some help.

Queen Alexandra easily took care of Goth Garal using her power of persuasion to disarm him and allowing The Stranger to tangle with Poc Shot.

H’Ronka’s minions began to swarm Arkzilipul, which allowed the Prince to get free and begin to portal in more creatures.

After a quick regrouping, and a brief talk with Arkzilipul, the Queen got her team re-organized and began to invade the minds of the minion crew that was gathering to face them. All the demonics and beasts stopped in mid-charge and went berserk, some filled with fear while others just bounced off the walls. The fans cheered at this display of folly.

Goth Garal managed to square off against The Stranger, saving Poc Shot from an early death. At the same time, The Prince went at it again with Arkzilipul. With everyone occupied, the Queen was able to take out H’Ronka.

Goth Garal finished off the Stranger with a poisonous strangle-hold and went to attack Arkzilipul. Arkzilipul crushed the demon lackey in an instant, but the bloody Prince of Gates benefited from Garal’s distraction. He and Poc Shot teamed up and used their Bio-tek mastery on their maddened minions in an efficient sacrifice. One by one, an acidic rot began to decay the minions and each minion splashed Arkzilipul and Queen Alexandra with a corrosive slush that burned on contact. With Poc Shot modifying the intensity of the acid, it was a matter of time before Arkzilipul turned on the Queen and the two of them fought the other, trying to avoid the acid rot. The two were eliminated, leaving Prince of Gates and Poc Shot as the winners.


After the arena was cleansed and disinfected, the next match was underway. Cray Phillips, The Fallen One, and Trace entered followed by new team member Berserker. Berserker wasn’t happy to be teamed up with Cray again, but was willing to cooperate.

Their opponents were Freakshow, Opac Sentir, Bull’s Eye, and The Stallion. This quartet was quickly put together to fund a charity group on Varrenhold that takes care of orphans and exiles for neighboring systems.

Cray and Berserker set up some beacons as The Fallen One put up a wall of poisonous spores. Trace began to summon some minions. Opac and The Stallion began to arm themselves with weapons while Freakshow and Bull’s Eye broke down the wall of spores using some Mystic auras.

Trace immediately sent her minions to attack Opac and The Stallion, but the two warriors cut them to shreds. Cray stepped up to protect his team as Berserker activated a beacon that electrified the arena. Freakshow’s team took minor injury as a result, and Trace was able to mentally suffocate her opponents, making them lose their weapons. The Fallen One was opening up a big portal as Freakshow and Cray Phillips fought each other.

Opac stabbed Trace with his claws, and she was eliminated from the match. The Fallen One opened up a portal that let loose some tentacled horrors. They swallowed up The Stallion and he too was gone.

Opac charged the Fallen One as Berserker sent a Br00zer bot to fight Bull’s Eye. The Fallen One scratched Opac with powerful mutated fingernails. Opac was unable to move at his top speed and seemed like he was out of the match. Bull’s Eye picked off Cray Phillips, allowing Freakshow to destroy the Br00zer with one jumpkick. Berserker was pissed and charged Freakshow. The fans gave up a massive cheer as the smaller gladiator attacked the relatively gigantic Freakshow. Cray tackled Bull’s Eye, and headed for Freakshow. Bull’s Eye, was wounded but not out of the match. He began to heal off himself and his teammates.

Cray and Freakshow fought each other again and the crowd was on their feet yelling and screaming. Suddenly, a door below the arena opened up and a swarm of nano-bombers filled the arena, injuring all the gladiators. Thanks to Bull’s Eye’s healing, Freakshow was able to survive. It was down to Freakshow on one side against The Fallen One and Cray Phillips on the other. Cray managed to get behind Freakshow, setting him up for The Fallen One. Archan Singazer afflicted Freakshow with a disease which caused him to bleed from the nose and ears. Cray Phillips then lifted him above the air and threw Freakshow into an energy beacon.

Freakshow jumped off the beacon and flew at his two opponents like a rocket. He killed The Fallen One. Cray Phillips prepared a Nukatal Boom-Rang to finish off Freakshow, but Freakshow at full momentum was able to attack Cray with a Mystically enhanced strike. Cray’s soul was jarred from the impact and as a result he was defeated. The keepers rushed in to collect the bodies.


For the final match of the evening, everyone was curious to see the new gladiator known as Angelique fight in her first match. Her partners were Ryla, Mannequin, and Little Jinx. Their opponents were Freakshow’s regular team of Madame Petice, Striking Dragon, and Simon Bantus, but they would be led by Lillith. The fans favored Angelique’s Matricc-themed team and gave them an ovation when they came into the arena.

Lillith isolated Ryla from her partners using diseases and auras. Simon and Madame Petice called forth some spirits to aid them in the battle. Little Jinx called in her pet iron monster and Mannequin activated a symbiotic scorpion to balance the playing field.

Angelique was now faced off against Naru Kami, the great Striking Dragon. Both gladiators stared at each other, fighting a mental battle. Naru, was sweating as he realized that Angelique possessed awesome powers of the mind. He immediately went in for hand-to-hand combat.

Lillith had weakened Ryla and switched off with Madame Petice to help Simon fight off against the portal predators released by Little Jinx and Mannequin. Simon was stung by Mannequin’s symbiote scorpion and it seemed like the poison was not of Bio-tek origins. Lillith was unable to save Simon which got her into a rage. She released her trauma in the form of an aura which knocked Little Jinx off the shoulders of her iron monster.

Meanwhile, the pale green-skinned alien, Angelique was fighting Striking Dragon. She took off her robe and jewelry and showed off her amazingly athletic body. The audience was in awe as they watched her move swiftly, sending a barrage of kicks toward the martial arts master.

The crowd’s attention shifted as Madame Petice finished off Ryla, causing the demon to go into a bout of madness. Lillith finished off Little Jinx, but Mannequin originated some five-legged droids that attacked and kicked Lillith, taking her out of the match.

All eyes were on the showdown between Angelique and Striking Dragon. Both fighters went into armed combat, Angelique using a whip with thorns while Dragon used a double-staff joined by a thin chain. The Dragon was unable to hit Angelique. She dodged all of his attacks while at the same time she was scratching him with thorns and attacking him with her kicks.

Mannequin’s droids finished off Madame Petice and he was about to help Angelique out, but she signaled him to stay back.

Striking Dragon caught her whip with his staff and disarmed her. Then both went back into hand-to-hand combat. Dragon jumpkicked her in the face almost knocked her out, but she managed to get up. She flipped around another kick from Kami, and then caught his head in a leglock. She began to squeeze the Dragon’s head. Kami was able to kick her in the back a couple of times and got out of the hold. He tried to get her into an arm lock, but she was too slippery. She slid to her back and kicked the Dragon across the face again, but this time the Dragon fell to the ground out cold. Mannequin helped up Angelique and the two of them waved to the fans who were screaming cheers like wild.

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