VP: 4
Name: David Dangers
Type: Human
Gender: Male
Origin: Solop Avagar, Justich
Disciplines: Cybernetics / Mystic
Biography and Timeline

Not a single part of David Dangers hasnít been tattooed pierced, and modified at least twice, except for his face which he keeps clean for the ladies. David lives on the razorís edge and has an infecting craziness that skirts the line between quirky and insane. Fun to be around and watch in a match, Freakshow is a fan favorite.
David recently learned that his stepsister, Alice Janks has entered Ophidian. Although he enjoys fighting, he knows about the darker elements within Ophidian and worries they will use his relationship with her as a bargaining tool to control them both. He will risk anything to break her from her contract and save her from harm.

2345 Freakshow wins the Justich Open Team Event and enters the Justich Federation as a 2VP gladiator.
2346 Freakshow wins the Ophidian/Justich Invitational 2VP Event and places second in the overall event and is promoted to 3VP.
2347 Freakshow wins the Justich Championship and is promoted to 4VP.
2348 Freakshow turns down a deal with the Ophidians to finish out his year with the Justich Federation. He wins the Justich Championship for the second year in a row.
2349 Freakshow wins the Justich Championship for the third straight year. Freakshow's team finishes second in the all-star event.
2350 Freakshow maintains his 4VP status in the forced Ophidian transfer.



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