VP: 4
Name: Unknown
Type: Alien
Gender: Female
Origin: Casandra III, Leonide
Disciplines: Mystic / Psi
Biography and Timeline

After her family and all others from her planet were killed by a virus she could not save them from, she gave up on life and joined the Ophidian arenas. She relieves those painful moments from her past each time she enters the arena, hoping each time that she can somehow change the past and find a reason to live again. She despises her powers and feels guilty after each time she saves someone in combat, not understanding why she could not do the same for her family and her people.
Her personality just like her powers can be both full of hate and caring, however she only releases her emotions in battle and keeps away from personal ties.

2331 Lillith is placed in an experimental program known as the Gen-Effect Project along with a handful of others who survived the Meridine plague.
2335 The Gen-Effect Project is cancelled and Lillith is left in quarantine stasis.
2338 Lillith is contracted by the Ophidians and is released from her quarantine. Due to her powerful abilities, she is entered into a special training regimen and starts as a 2VP gladiator.
2342 Lillith places second in the Leonide Cup, 2-on-2 Event and raises to 3 VP.
2348 Lillith places first in the Leonide Cup 3VP Women's Singles and 2-on-2 Events and is promoted to 4VP.



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