Lillith vs Prince of Gates

Prince of Gates entered the arena and stared at Lillith, trying to intimidate her. She returned the gaze and even took a few steps toward him. Not too many gladiators can get away with that. Prince of Gates grew furious and opened up a small portal near the ground. Out from that portal crawled little maggots. Lillith looked at the maggots and then at the Prince. Then she hit him with her palm and threw him back several feet.

The Raskelon fans hissed at the Leonide alien. Meanwhile, the maggots were starting to grow; already they were the size of a human child and writhing in an embryonic cocoon-like body.

Prince Xarz'ycus got up and charged the defiler of death and hit her real hard, however she had an aura around her that dealt a shock back to the Prince. He shook his head.

His minions were at full size now, and were actually the same horror minions he sometimes uses to aid him in spreading disease.

His diseases would not be effective enough against Lillith's natural immunities, but he had other plans.

As Lillith recovered from her last attack, the Prince opened up a few more portals and brought in some demonic minions. He used his grotesque horror to give up its life force to aid him in using his Bio-tek abilities. With that extra power, he mutated his demonic minions into a ravenous drooling state.

Lillith caused madness in Xarz'ycus' minions and killed them all off using her Psi abilities. Now the Prince was left alone. He attacked Lillith again, this time avoiding her shock retaliation and he started to mutate himself. Lillith grabbed him by the neck as he was mutating and he fell to his knees in pain. She was mentally destroying the Prince.

Luckily, the demon managed to portal out of her trap, but he portalled in unsafely and injured himself as he landed. Her mental attack had severely affected him. The Prince used some of his own life force to bring out a larger creature, one that could withstand Lillith's power mind attacks.

Lillith grasped the Prince once again and his face reflected his agony.

The fans were hissing and starting to lose control.

He held her wrists and cut them with his sharp fingernails, but she felt no pain. The Prince was at her mercy. He tried to get up, but Lillith stepped forward, putting her weight into her attack and keeping the Prince down on the floor. Lillith’s blood mixed with that of Xarz'ycus and spilled to the ground. The Prince was almost gone when suddenly Lillith was attacked from behind.

A large demonic creature with fangs and claws had come trough a portal the Prince had opened up while he was enduring Lillith’s attack.

The creature turned the tide for the demon as he stood and recovered.

Lillith was unable to stop the creature which latched on to her open wounds and started to steal her life force.

Xarz'ycus got up and took Lillith from the creature. He punched her in the stomach, kneed her in the face and finished her off with a demonic combo of punches and uppercuts that won him the match.

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