Leetah Kalynda
VP: 2
Name: Leetah Kalynda
Type: Construct
Gender: Female
Origin: Outworlds
Disciplines: Portal / War
Biography and Timeline

Born deaf, Leetah had a troubled childhood. She is an assassin who was wounded in a bomb blast. Her masters had her reconstructed.
Recently, she dishonored her masters after failing a mission and they gave her to the Ophidians as a gift. She must fight now in the arenas while her masters get all her earnings. She hopes to gain enough favor from her masters to get cybernetic implants like enhanced vision, subterfuge machinery, and even an operation to be able to hear.
The crowds have warmed up to this cold and calculating femme fatale but will she ever be able to hear the cheer they give her? Only time will tell.

2349 Leetah enters a women's division qualifiers and gets a 2VP rank.



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