Taa Ra
VP: 1
Name: Taa Ra
Type: Spectral
Gender: Female
Origin: Ursai Major, Tarn
Disciplines: Psi
Biography and Timeline

Taa Ra became an Ophidian Gladiator after an anonymous source high up in the Ophidian Empire told her that her brother was killed by General Anu. During a match she fought Anu and lost and it was then revealed that Anu was not the evil man that the source made him out to be. Furthermore, she suspects her brother was killed by the source. She has made it her personal mission to fight for her brothers’ honor and find out the truth, then kill her brother’s killer.

2348 Taa Ra joined in Ursai Major because this is where Maximillion fought.
2349 Her mind powers have proven very powerful and she has been invited to join in the Ophidian league as a 1VP gladiator.



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