Arkzilipul vs The Reinforcements
As the match was about to begin, Arkzilipul stood still, facing down five reinforcements including his former partner Walter Drake, who was staring daggers back at Arkzilipul and wielding his trademark wrench. Rounding out the team was Jean Splice, Tessa, Sara-la Konets and Hammerhands.

Arkzilipul and the team of five rushed towards each other and the carnage began. Reinforcements were flying everywhere and all the while Arkzilipul was taking hits. Sara-la was hanging back using her Psi abilities to keep Arkzilipul off balance while Hammerhands, Tessa, Jean Splice, and Walter Drake crashed him with vicious attacks. Each time Arkzilipul took a hit a reinforcement would go flying back.

As Arkzilipul realized what Sara-la was doing, he crashed through the attackers and rushed her as a group of writhing horrors arrived and attacked the reinforcements left behind. Arkzilipul got a hold of Sara-la and as he grabbed her and began to suck the soul from her body, she disappeared as the Ophidians intervened, preventing the unsanctioned action.

The horrors did their job taking out Jean Splice, but they soon died from her infectious touch.

The three remaining reinforcements charged Arkzilipul as a unit and as Arkzilipul fought on against them, he started to slow as the effect of all the attacks began to take their toll. In a fit of rage, Arkzilipul attacked back with such force he took out Tessa. As she lay smoking on the floor, Ark got hit with a frenzied barrage from Walter and Hammerhands.

Arkzilipul was running near empty but with one massive crunch, Hammerhands was removed from the match leaving only him and Walter. Arkzilipul muttered some words that only Walter heard, and then the two went after one another man to demon.

Although Walter fought on valiantly, Arkzilipul soon got the upper hand and then began to open a portal, hoping to finish the reinforcement off in a big way.

What no one expected is that instead of a portal minion, a hooded figure appeared from the portal and took the unknowing Arkzilipul off-guard. The attack on the already weakened Arkzilipul sent him reeling back, and as soon as the figure appeared, he disappeared.

The match ended with a final blow from a large wrench taking out Arkzilipul. The crowd roared with applause and laughter while Walter “Boom Boom” Drake, champion of old times, foot on Arkzilipul’s head, stood triumphant.

Gary K'bas got Walter to interview...
Gary: Walter, how does it feel to have won the match with Arkzilipul?
Walter: It just goes to show that reinforcements are a valuable and many times underestimated part of the Ophidian games. It feels great to win, but this victory is for all reinforcements.
Gary: What do you make of the surprise turn at the end when Arkzilipul was attacked from his own portal?
Walter: I have my ideas about who it was, although I believe I would have won either way.
Gary: What will you do next? Do you think this win will lead to a change in your status?
(A bloody Arkzilipul rushes in and begins attacking Walter, crashing him off the walls like a rag doll. Ophidian keepers rush in and attempt to separate the two. Chaos ensues and the transmission ends.)

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