2-on-2 Tournament Results

Arkzilipul and Bull's Eye vs Maximillion and Opac Sentir
It was a strange start to the 2-on-2 semifinals match in the Psi-coplex Arena on Ramdeem Prime, in the Leonide System.

With the match about to begin, Arkzilipulís partner for the match was nowhere to be see. With time ticking down, and Arkzilipul facing disqualification, an Ophidian keeper announced that a replacement had been found.

Arkzilipul looked initially relieved, but that immediately changed as he saw that his 2VP teammate was the reinforcement Walter "Boom Boom" Drake. The crowd broke out in a fit of laughter and chants of "boom", but one look from Arkzilipul silenced most of the crowd, especially in the front rows.

After a brief "discussion" in which Arkzilipul grabbed Walter by his head, picked him up, and started screaming at him, the match began as Maximillion and Opac moved towards the newly formed team. Walter moved out in front only to be smacked away by Arkzilipul.

As the two rushed forward Ark made a motion and they both rocked from an unseen impact. The impact nearly brought Opac to his knees. Maximillion used his own natural Mystic abilities to soften the effect of the life-draining attack as an aura briefly sparkled into view.

Opac and Max working as a team, reached Arkzilipul just as a number of worpalites joined his side from a recently formed portal, and then the epic battle began. As Maximillion concentrated on the worpalites, Opac squared of with Arkzilipul who he had driven himself into a raging fury, using brute strength against Opac's Psi-blades.

Maximillion now turned his attention back to Arkzilipul, the worpalites down but not out, and Walter was back up by Arkzilipulís side.

As Opac lunged with another sword attack, Arkzilipul grabbed his partner and used him as a shield, a sign of his disrespect and anger. When the attack ended, Arkzilipul threw Walter at Maximillion knocking him and Walter to the floor.

Walter fought on against Maximillion even after the treatment by Arkzilipul, but he was soon overwhelmed and it was Ark alone against Opac and Max.

Soon however, they had something else to worry about as one, and then two, Pa'chan Gun-Kipas entered the arena sending out massive crimson bolts that lit up the arena.

By that time, however, it was too late for Arkzilipul.

As a Gun-Kipa took out Maximillion with a huge blast, the weakened Arkzilipul who had been fighting against the odds all match; thanks in part to his own nonexistent teamwork; was finally taken down by the exhausted but triumphant Opac Sentir.

With Arkzilipul down and out, the crowd roared to life. Opac then grabbed up his partner Maximillion, who was beginning to recover from the knockout with some quick healing, and helped him walk out of the arena waving to the fans.

Jackson Deevers gets an interview from Arkzilipul...
Jackson: Arkzilipul, although you put on an impressive display, you ultimately lost the match. What went wrong?
Arkzilipul: Isn't it obvious? That no talent reinforcement Walter "Doom Doom" Fake had no business as my partner. That loser Bullís-Eye better stay clear of me. Nothing is important enough to stand up Arkzilipul.
Jackson: Is it possible that you would have done better if you had worked with Walter instead of using him the way you did in the match?
Arkzilipul: (Grabs Jackson by the head) Are you questioning me?! I can rip your innards out before you could even scream and then eat your soul as a light snack!!
Jackson: (Gulps.)
Arkzilipul: Stand aside, I have something important to say. This message is for all you no-account, talentless losers. Yeah, I mean reinforcements. I hereby give an open challenge to all of you to dare to step into the arena against me. I'll take you all on at the same time and prove what a pathetic, sorry bunch of scrap you all really are. And P.K. Your time is numbered!
(Arkzilipul storms away.)

Queen Alexandra and Little Jinx vs Version 9 and H'Ronka

Both teams entered the arena, received a warm welcome from the fans, and began the match. Version 9 protected H'Ronka as H'Ronka prepared some robot insects to aid them. Little Jinx looked for a way to get past Version 9's defense, but couldn't find it. So instead she followed Queen Alexandra's order and charged at Version 9. As LJ cartwheeled toward the Machine of Death, the Queen psyched her up to find a weakness in the cyborg's stance. It worked because Little Jinx delivered a solid jumpkick to Version 9's chest. The fans roared with approval. Nine recovered and the young human quickly back-flipped away in time to avoid his counter attack. Version 9 checked on H'Ronka. The alien was ready and so were his mechanical insects. Version 9 went on the offensive.

He grappled Little Jinx and pulled her forward. H'Ronka hit her with a violent Bio-tek response, leaving her shivering on the arena floor. More cheers filled the arena. With Little Jinx down temporarily, the two Cybernetics gladiators quickly focused on the Queen. Alexandra used her trickery to mess with their strategy. H'Ronka stopped in mid-charge, confused as a result of the Queen's Psi ability, but Version 9 reached the Queen and tackled her to the ground. The fans now totally favored Version 9.

Furious at being treated in such a rough manner the Queen slapped Version 9 and he flew a few feet back, rolling to the ground--more of the Queen's Psi work. As Little Jinx got up, she saw H'Ronka's insects crawling towards her from both sides. She portalled herself out of the way and caused the machines to crash into each other and blow up. Her fans laughed at her cleverness. The Queen's effect on H'Ronka had worn off at the same time, which allowed him to recover with Version 9, and Little Jinx joined Alexandra in opening up a portal.

With H'Ronka's help Version 9 had a Bomb Blastic start to cover the field with mines. Also the two of them prepared the remote control machine to do some harm. Meanwhile, from their opponent's portal came out a demonic bodyguard. The girls opened up another portal; they would need a few more minions to balance out the field.

H'Ronka now began working on the Bomb Blastic, trying to mutate it with some Bio-tek growth hormones. Version 9 went on full offense, past his partner and the two minions heading straight for the Mistress of Evil. Alexandra laughed at him as her bodyguard sacrificed himself to save her. Favor started to shift to the ladies, but Version 9 crippled the guard with one strike and then got up to continue his charge toward the Queen.

By now, the girls had a new minion on their team, an intimidating demonic dominatrix. The Queen quickly told her to use her domination efforts on the cyborg. Little Jinx afflicted him with some disease, and the Queen mentally pounced Version 9. He fell to his knees in sickness and madness. The dominatrix tied up his wrists behind his back and made sure the cyborg would remain her prisoner for the rest of the match.

Now it was up to H'Ronka, whom the girls had neglected, to do something. He started affecting them with attacks on the cellular level. The Queen approached him and tripped on a mine, blasting her away. Little Jinx didn't walk the dangerous field and instead tried to use her famous Jinx ability. However, it backfired and the dominatrix was accidentally defeated.

Version 9, now free, walked toward Alexandra. The spectral Queen used one last trick to vanish from Version 9's sight. Now LJ was alone and outnumbered. She tried to run away from Version 9 and ended up facing the mutated Bomb Blastic which was a tinkering monstrosity by now. It attacked her and hit her with some more bombs, taking her and itself out of the match.

Queen Alexandra came out of her hiding and used her powerful charms on Version 9. Not too many gladiators have resisted. Version 9 didn't. He bowed to her and did not move. The fans were awed by this. She had succeeded in controlling one of her opponents but H'Ronka was ready and launched the remote control thrasher, an orb of spinning blades, straight at the Queen. It hit her and chopped a path right through her body. Blood and guts flew all over the place and the fans cheered wildly for the victors. The Keepers rushed to the Queen and immediately worked on her wounds, saving her from death.

(Version 9 and H'Ronka are caught for an interview by Shannon Marel.)
Shannon: Hey Version 9, you and H'Ronka just beat Queen Alexandra and Little Jinx. Care to comment?
Version 9: It was a successful plan. H'Ronka knows how to efficiently use his abilities.
Shannon: How was it communicating with H'Ronka? Do you speak his language?
Version 9: I had to install a program a few days before the match so that he could understand me during our brief training time.
Shannon: What about during the match? What happens if you have to tell him something?
Version 9: It is a handicap. (He looks at H'Ronka.) He better adapt quickly or he'll have more than his opponents to worry about.
H'Ronka: (Speaks in a strange language unaware of his partner's threat.)
Shannon: Thank you, Version 9.
(Version 9 walks away and H'Ronka quickly follows.)

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