VP: 4
Name: Lothario Rex Vanx
Type: Alien
Gender: Male
Origin: Meredine, Leonide
Disciplines: Bio-tek / War
Biography and Timeline

Lothar believes he is the sole survivor of a strain of a bio-engineered death plague that infected and decimated his home planet, Meredine. His unique DNA allowed him to live, although greatly altered. Lothar’s control of disease is so great that special bio-filters are raised before he enters the arena. He is avoided by many for fear of his abilities, but he can exercise a total control of his powers.
Lothar is consumed with a life quest to track down the designer of the bio-virus, who may be connected with Ophidian. He fights in the arena in the hopes of infiltrating Ophidian’s inner circle.

2331 Lothar is placed in an experimental program known as the Gen-Effect Project along with a handful of others who survived the Meridine plague.
2334 Lothar is captured while attempting to escape the Gen-Effect Project and is placed in quarantine stasis.
2338 Lothar is contracted by the Ophidians and is released from quarantine. Due to his powerful abilities, he is entered into a special training regimen and starts as a 2VP gladiator.
2340 Lothar wins the Intersystem Justich/Ophidian Invitational 2VP Singles Title and is promoted to 3VP.
2346 Lothar wins the Ophidian 3VP Singles Title and the Intersystem Justich/Ophidian Invitational 3 VP And Overall Titles and is promoted to 4 VP.



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